Coca Cola is Considering CBD

Without a doubt, Coca-Cola is one of the most popular and beloved brands in the world today. They are the most successful and largest beverage company in in the world, and the decisions that they make can help to sway and guide entire industries. This is why it is so monumental that the Coca Cola is considering CBD for a line of beverages.

With changes occurring in the cannabis industry, particularly with CBD, it makes sense that more companies – of all types and sizes – are looking into the possibility of getting into the field in one way or another. While it started out as a rumor, it was confirmed recently that they are considering adding CBD to certain beverages. Because more and more people are becoming health conscious, many in the soda industry are looking for ways that they can get away from sugar-based drinks and go into new directions.

A spokesperson for Coca-Cola, Kent Landers, said that they were looking at the growth of CBD as something that could be added to “functional wellness beverages” and that it was already being used by others around the world. CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient and has been found to offer various health benefits to those who take it. However, even though they do say they are looking into this option, they have not made any final decisions yet.

Could Coca-Cola Be Working With a Big Player in the Cannabis Industry?

There was another report, this one coming from Bloomberg, which said that Coca-Cola was potentially working with one of the biggest names in the cannabis field, Aurora Cannabis. The report said that they would be in charge of developing this line of beverages. However, at the time of this writing, this is still firmly in the category of rumor.

Still, stock for Aurora on the Toronto Stock Exchange were up by about 14% following the breaking of this rumor. Investors are naturally excited about this potential partnership and what it could mean for their investments with Aurora. The company has stated that they are interested in entering the infused beverage field, and it seems that it could be coming even sooner than some might have thought.

Why Is This Business Booming Now?

Many other companies are starting to get into the CBD infused beverage business because the cost of water soluble CBD isolate has dropped substantially. It is now more economically effective to get into the business since it is not an ingredient that is actually affordable to put into drinks.

Businesses are always looking for new and better ways that they can reach more customers, including bringing in brand new customers. You can certainly expect there to be even more beverage companies who are following suit. It is not a matter of if more companies are going to enter this field, it’s just a matter of when. If the current times are any indicator, though, that time is going to be very soon. It might be a good time to consider learning about some of the other companies that might be getting involved in this industry and consider some investments!

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