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Have A Heart

Have A Heart

Have a Heart’s core mission is to provide the medical, psychological and social benefits of one of the world’s oldest and safest medicines to those in need and to those looking for a safer alternative to alcohol and prescription and illicit drugs. Our goal is to do this in a manner that is innovative, legal and compliant and that provides the most wonderful experience for our guests, our employees and the community overall. We focus on improving the local aesthetic, reducing crime and providing employment to those seeking legitimate employment in the cannabis industry.

The Farmacy

Farmacy Berkeley represents the bringing together of cannabis advocates who share a consistent commitment to defining values and creating one place where those values will shine. We believe in offering sustainably produced cannabis products delivered in a welcoming, inviting, and open environment that makes everyone feel comfortable—from the young and experienced consumer to the senior taking their first curious steps into the world of cannabis.


Euphorium was founded with a rebellious spirit and a compassionate desire to create an unparalleled experience for cannabis patients and enthusiasts.

CA St. Canna Co.

California Street’s cannabis product offering features hundreds of cannabis products, many grown just a few hundred miles from our location in the legendary, Emerald Triangle of Northern California. We’ve got smokeable options like cannabis flower and vaporizers as well as infused cannabis products like edibles, topicals, tinctures and more.

Black Girl Green


Black Girl Green empowers Black women to gain employment experience, own businesses and participate in all facets of the cannabis industry in a way they never have before.

Jova Wellness Cannabis Dispensary


Maryland Cannabis Medical Marijuana Directory



In May 2016, retired Catholic school principal and grandmother Sue Taylor was unanimously selected by the Berkeley, Cali. city council to receive a permit to open a dispensary.  As the first black-owned dispensary owner in the Bay area, iCANN hoes to fuse the culture of cannabis use with healthy lifestyles.


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According to Botaniq’s website, when television reporter and anchor Anqunette Sarfoh was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in 2013, she decided to try cannabis therapy and went from taking nine pharmaceuticals a day to taking none.  The company grows its own plants and partners with local farms to supply its Detroit, Mich. location.

Blunts and Moore

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The first black-owned retailer to open under Oakland’s social equity program, Blunts and Moore is a dispensary that bills itself as “the happy store.”  The company was started by Alphonso Blunt and Brittany Moore so the name is not just a clever turn of phrase.

Mary and Main

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Mary and Main is a team of medical professionals in Capitol Heights, Md. who also operate a dispensary featuring some of the best cannabis that George Clinton hasn’t smoked up already.  The collective also offers classes on marijuana but don’t worry, there are no pop quizzes (You know why).