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A Plant Inspired Future is a happier and healthier future.

PIF creates high quality, organic plant-based products to promote happy and healthy lifestyles. PIF blends Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Hemp with other plants to create gourmet products the whole family can enjoy. We’re currently providing CBD Herbal Tea with ingredients like Ginger, Ginko and Honeybush.


Dr. Tim Shu is the founder and chief executive officer of VETCBD.  Dr. Shu founded VETCBD so pets could safely benefit from the multiple therapeutic uses of cannabis.  By combining his expertise in veterinary medicine with his knowledge of medical cannabis, Dr. Shu formulates VETCBD products to be safe and effective for use in animals.

CBD Nationwide and CannaCertified

CBD NATIONWIDE is the most nationally established and largest cannabidiol (CBD) manufacturer in the U.S., specializing in contract and bulk manufacturing services. For the past decade, CBD Nationwide has provided innovation, precision, quality assurance, and engineering support that is unique in the world of CBD manufacturing. With expertise in cannabinoid isolations and formulations for a variety of product delivery systems, CBD Nationwide has a renowned reputation as a leader and innovator in the industry.

Master Growers CBD


Master Growers carefully crafted CBD products are made with NO THC.  We use only All Natural and Organic Ingredients to provide a superior CBD product.