Budding Culture

Budding Culture

Budding Culture (Portland, Ore.) is located in Portland, Oregon and offers both delivery and express pick-up through Leafly and iHeartJane. The shop’s owners, Damien and Charlie Rand, are known for their friendly team, affordable rates, and clean, simple shop layout.

Roll Up Life


Our mission at Roll Up Life, Inc., is to become the premier provider and transporter of high-quality cannabis and related products. When You Need Us, We’ll Roll Up. Established to roll with the cannabis industry as it continues to bloom, the Roll Up Life platform will connect the entire cannabis industry from seed to sale.

Proper RX

Established in 2010.
With all the medical marijuana dispensaries in the Bay Area it seems impossible that every patient does not have a club close to the neighborhood in which he/she lives. It occurred to the founders of Proper Rx that there are a group of patients who do not have cars, are too ill to leave their homes, or handicapped. For whatever the reason, these patients who are in need are unable to leave their homes. Regardless of the large number of cannabis clinics in the Bay Area, this fact still leaves these particular patients marginalized with unequal access to their medical marijuana medication. Proper Rx Collective was formed to change that.

Cannabis on Fire

Cannabis on Fire

Cannabis on Fire (Oakland, Calif.) is a delivery service offering “anytime/anyplace” deliveries in Oakland. Customers can order through their cell phone, computer, or any internet connected device and expect delivery to their door-step by a professional and dedicated driver.



BayQueen (Bay Area), The Oakland-based delivery service was founded by Nicole Brown, a pharmaceutical industry veteran with a passion for the healing powers of cannabis. BayQueen carries a wide range of local and consciously-driven products, including: cartridges, flower, tinctures, drinks, edibles, topicals and more.

Club Shady Pines

This members-only cannabis club delivers top of the line strains with a dollop of good works. Operating in California’s East Bay, Shady Pines is owned by victims of the war on drugs; as an equity licensee, the dispensary’s taxes are significantly reduced, and the savings are passed on to club members. If you would like to support a local Black- and Brown-owned business, Shady Pines puts together customized offerings of cannabis with wearables and apparatus at a very sweet price: $150 to $300, which includes the available strain of your choice.

Good Tree

Good Tree started in 2017 with the support from family and friends and a dream to create a world-class cannabis business that’s owned and operated by people color has grown into an interstate network servicing patients all across California. Everyone at Good Tree is passionate about providing the highest quality medicine to those who need it most in the community so they can live healthier, happy lives. But we aren’t just about delivering cannabis; we’re a collective of individuals looking to even the playing field in an industry that is less than 20% minority-owned. Social equity is at the heart of what we do and we’re dedicated to increasing the number the women and people of color within this wonderful industry. Our values are simple: Quality Equity Community Integrity.

Growin Over Ground

Growin’ Over Ground is an Oakland, CA based social equity Delivery licensee.

Greener Greens, LLC

Greener Greens was started by patients and is committed to offering a safe discreet and professional delivery experience to patients and adults over the age of 21. We offer fast and reliable service to our patients and customers with an emphasis on helping patients in the spirit of Dr. Tod Mikuriya.

Grandiflora Genetics

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Grandiflora Genetics is an Oakland, CA based social equity licensee for Cultivation, Nursery and Distribution.