Cresco Labs

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As one of the largest multi-state, vertically integrated cannabis companies, Cresco Labs controls their cultivation, manufacturing, extraction and packaging practices. Cresco Labs is involved at every point in the seed-to-sales process. Their facilities are powered by world-class agronomists, manufacturing experts and state-of-the-art agricultural equipment, all of which drive their commitment to quality, purity and consistency. Cresco Labs package, ship and distribute products nationwide, including locations owned and operated by their team.


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A Plant Inspired Future is a happier and healthier future.

PIF creates high quality, organic plant-based products to promote happy and healthy lifestyles. PIF blends Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Hemp with other plants to create gourmet products the whole family can enjoy. We’re currently providing CBD Herbal Tea with ingredients like Ginger, Ginko and Honeybush.



A Comprehensive Directory for Hemp Conferences and Events.

Industrial Hemp Summit


The Industrial Hemp Summit is a multi-stakeholder collaboration focused on building the industrial hemp industry in the United States. A specific focus of the summit will be building the supply chain and market making for industrial hemp food, fiber and flower. The summit will highlight innovation that is currently happening in the industry, as well as explore what resources and infrastructure are needed to move the industry forward.

Tree Free Hemp


TreeFreeHemp provides custom hemp printing services to create a rich and elegant, natural paper look and feel. Rooted in Colorado, TreeFreeHemp is your source for business cards, brochures and flyers, collectors edition posters, wedding invitations and greeting cards and other special hemp-printed projects.  From office supplies and promotional media to fine art, together we can create a special look for your company’s branding and marketing needs.  View some of our latest projects below and contact us today for a custom quote or place your online order here!

Kazmira LLC

Kazmira LLC is an industrial scale producer of THC-free Broad Spectrum CBD Isolate and THC-free full spectrum CBD Oil from American-grown ground industrial hemp. We utilize a TruSpeKtrum technology platform that allows products with up to 80% concentration of CBD without THC.

Green Future Industries

We believe Hemp is a crop that can be integrated into many industries that have negative environmental impacts. We want to help transition them into being sustainable while still providing quality products. Being Aboriginal owned, we honour tradition and have a strong connection to our Mother Earth – we only have one mother and it is time to start treating her with some more respect, and that starts with education, conversation, integration.

American Hemp LLC

American Hemp LLC’s expertise is in supply and supply chain management relating to the industrial hemp crop.


HEMPZOO™ Eco tech hemp products.

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp.

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp., are leaders in innovative engineering, technology, manufacturing, and product development in the industrial hemp industry.