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Green Hop

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Green Hop is a recreational cannabis dispensary featuring a new, exciting twist on the retail experience.  The 1st Historical Hip Hop dispensary in the world that offers an Art and Digital technology experience.

Make Green Go


Make Green Go is the City of Oakland’s consultant assigned to provide technical assistance with establishing a compliant cannabis business. Make Green Go delivers technical assistance through workshops, consultations and online training for Equity applicants in all phases of their start-up process. All technical assistance connections are made through Make Green Go’s online portal.

Equity First Alliance


The mission of Equity First Alliance is to harness the political power of cannabis organizers that work at the intersection of the cannabis industry, racial equity, and reparative justice. Through education, mobilization, dialogue, engagement, and collective action, we work to advance equity in the cannabis industry, to repair harms of the War on Drugs, and to seek justice for those who have been most harmed by it.

Cannabis Equity

Cannabis Equity is a movement advocating for racial and economic equity in cannabis. Both qualitative and quantitative data proves that cannabis criminalization and enforcement has negatively impacted communities of color at disproportionate rates, in the masses, and for generations. Cannabis equity means prioritizing racial and economic equity prior to, and during, cannabis legalization and regulation.

San Francisco Office of Cannabis

The San Francisco Office of Cannabis issues cannabis business permits, write cannabis regulations, and foster equity.

SF Equity Group


Recognizing the opportunity for the new cannabis economy to create prosperity for the people we serve, we formed the San Francisco Equity Group (SFEG) to maximize the opportunity for the broadest group of Equity Applicants across the city.

The Equity Organization


We’re leveraging the momentum behind marijuana legalization to start righting the wrongs of the War on Drugs. We’re working to ensure the development of a fair, diverse and equitable cannabis industry

Apex Supercritical


Apeks Supercritical has been designing and manufacturing botanical oil extraction systems that utilize subcritical and/or supercritical CO2 as a solvent since 2001.  Systems range in size from our smallest 1 liter benchtop system to our 40 liter production system and are fully automated for “lights out” operation.  We are veteran owned, have several degreed engineers on staff and all of our systems are proudly built in Johnstown, Ohio with as many American made parts and components as possible.  We have more than 400 systems being used in extraction applications across the US with more systems being added daily!

Hemp Summit / KY Dept of Agriculture


The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) will host a Kentucky Hemp Summit in December for those interested in learning more about the hemp industry, Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles has announced.

“We decided to host a Kentucky Hemp Summit so that Kentuckians can learn more about this crop that connects the Commonwealth’s past to its future,” Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles said. “The Summit will feature a wide variety of engaging sessions on topics such as obtaining a license, growing the crop, and challenges this new industry faces as we transition from a research phase to full commercial production. This Hemp Summit is another step toward our goal of making Kentucky the epicenter of the hemp industry in the United States.”

Colorado State University / Pueblo

The ICR was established in June 2016 through an innovative partnership between Colorado State University – Pueblo, the state of Colorado, and Pueblo County.