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365 Cannabis

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365 Cannabis is an ERP solution with functionality specifically tailored to the unique requirements of the cannabis industry

Grow with Jane – Cultivation App


From seed to harvest
Grow with Jane is the right hand for any grower.
Guiding the novice and supporting the expert.


THC Test Kits

Creator of a new method of cannabinoid analysis affordable and accessible for all



The most successfully-deployed regulatory cannabis system in the world


Entellitrak at its core is a web-based, configurable COTS data tracking tool that can be configured to track, manage, search, and report on any specific needs or processes. (IE Seed to sale)



NDOT is an enterprise mobility solution provider offering innovative fleet intelligence platform to optimise transportation,logistics & supply chain management.


ProcessPro offers an industry-specific cannabis ERP solution that includes full manufacturing, inventory, quality, sales, financial and reporting integration, to automate cultivation and sales. The ERP is developed for growers, processors and dispensaries offering a complete solution to track compliance, cloning, extraction and infusion.


RizePoint brings 20+ years of experience in quality management software to the cannabis industry. Ensure quality and compliance efforts meet both internal and external standards and requirements. We provide the tools you need to ensure edible quality & safety, facility compliance, procedural compliance, etc.

SageNext Infotec

Gestisoft has been performing ERP software implementations since 1997. As a leader in Canada, we focus on custom ERP software solutions for clients in many industries. No matter what your business’s ERP needs are, we have probably addressed these for some of our other clients by now.