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Flourish Software

Flourish is a cannabis cultivation and distribution management software that is built by engineers and cultivators to handle the complex requirements unique to the cannabis industry.



Provides software for the Medical Marijuana Industry


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Integrated business management, inventory control and back office accounting solution with a POS interface for Cannabis Dispensaries.

Clarity Software Solution

CSS was created to cater to small retail shops and provide the necessary tools to operate a sound business without sacrificing significant overhead costs. As part of its strategy, the company is targeting the medical marijuana industry via a new system under development called idWeeds.

Goavega Software

Goavega Crimson helps dispensaries and retailers improve their sales by 30%. We have a complete product suite for retailers to improve operations, sales and customer engagement.

iT1 Source

iT1 is a global wide full-service, vendor agnostic technology solution provider. We aid our customers in maximizing their technology investments while minimizing their costs and headaches.

Leaf Logix Technology

Let us show you how our enterprise level software will save you time, make your employee’s lives easier, and allow you to harness the power of your data like never before.

Nex Tec Group

CannaBusiness ERP from NexTec is a complete software system that manages cannabis operations, finance and accounting, connects directly to state regulatory systems and tracks it all from seed to sale.


nITHealth creates patient ticketing systems built to manage, queue & route 1000s of patients daily. Immediate decrease in wait time, increase in patient satisfaction. If you are anticipating growth at your dispensary, schedule an introduction via contact info below.


Providing Technology and Security solutions for Licensed Medical Cannabis companies in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Nation wide.