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As precision & smart farming is gaining increased attention & a wider adoption, it is imperative that the operations need to be supported by specialized solutions that reduce the pain points of the growers. In addition to various other aspects of the agriculture industry, Information Technology solutions for agriculture and farming are being increasingly used to effectively connect the farmers, the produce, and supply chain management to increase the profits.

ProZess Technologie

Cannabis ingredient INSTANT measurement for specific desired elements such as Moisture, THC-a, Total THC, CBD-a, Total CBD and custom needs to be programmed for. Spectroscopy used to profile potency.


We are experts in Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD regulations and compliance. We track, decompose, analyze, and store all the relevant federal, state, and local regulations, to help you understand the rules. Our analytics and technology give you insight into the greater meaning of the regulations to your business.

Quantum Corporation

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Quantum helps to capture, create and share digital content, with the fastest performance for high-resolution video.

Hardwired Creative Technologies

Hardwired Creative Technologies (HWCT) owns and operates a technology platform designed to create on-line social and communications networks initially targeting the cannabis industry.