The first black-owned retailer to open under Oakland’s social equity program, Blunts and Moore is a dispensary that bills itself as “the happy store.”  The company was started by Alphonso Blunt and Brittany Moore so the name is not just a clever turn of phrase.


Alphonso Blunt, Principal

A lifetime Oakland resident and Castlemont High School graduate. Alphonso has worked for Alameda County for 13 years.  His roots in Oakland run deep and he has built long standing relationships with the community.  He has been working to open his own dispensary since 1999 and was granted a license by the city through the equity lottery program.  He is now living his dream of being a dispensary owner and providing quality cannabis to the bay area.

Brittany (BRI) Moore, Principal

Bri Moore is a business development and operations expert in the cannabis industry.  She has a proven track record in implementing new systems and procedures and improving day-to-day operations of multiple cannabis dispensaries.  Her strengths include: increasing profitability by ensuring efficient store operations; analyzing data for sales trends and implementing effective solutions to increase sales; discovering and developing talented individuals; creating strategies to maintain retention of high-level employees; purchasing product that meets the needs and demand of the community; and connecting with key stakeholders including local businesses to give back to the community.

Bri began her career in the cannabis industry as a General Manager (GM) of two cannabis dispensaries in the heavily regulated market in Denver, Colorado.  Her team re branded, re-marketed, and remodeled the dispensary to take advantage of a major shift in industry trends.  Within two months of becoming the GM, she increased daily revenue by an average of 188%.  After learning about the Social Equity Program being drafted in Oakland, California, Bri worked with Oakland officials to craft the program and make it a reality.  This is the first program in the world that focuses on creating opportunities for minorities to become business owners in the cannabis industry; an attempt at beginning to repair the decades of social and economic damage inflicted on the minority community as a result of the war on drugs.

Once the Cannabis Equity Program legislation passed, Bri moved to Oakland, CA and became the GM of a Prop 215 Dispensary with four locations.  When California passed Proposition 64 allowing adults to legally purchase cannabis for recreational purposes, she successfully navigated the California dispensary into a newly regulated market and tripled sales within 3 months.

Bri is now the owner and operator of Blunts & Moore, the first social equity cannabis dispensary in the world.  Due to her experience managing multiple cannabis retail stores, she successfully brought an equity applicant through the licensing process, giving him an opportunity to have ownership in this industry.  Bri built a culturally diverse team of local residents inclusive of people who had been arrested for cannabis.

Bri is also the Vice President of Operations of the Alliance for Cannabis Equity (ACE), a cannabis consulting firm for governmental and non-governmental entities.

Before gaining expertise in the cannabis industry, Bri was in operations at Morgan Stanley and the Atlanta Federal Reserve in Atlanta, GA. For over 12 years, her team was responsible for ensuring that firm business functions were managed in an efficient, controlled, risk-free and timely manner.

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701 66th Avenue

Oakland, California 94621

United States