As of January 1, 2018, cannabis consumers in California may buy medicinal or adult-use cannabis legally from any state-licensed cannabis businesses.  On this page, consumers may search for licensed cannabis businesses near them, general rules for cannabis consumption, and more.  The three licensing authorities are working together to ensure that all cannabis and cannabis-related products are tested according to title 16 of the California code of regulations, section 5715 of the Bureau’s regulations, and all other applicable laws before they are distributed to dispensaries for public sale and consumption.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control also manages a statewide public information program, “Get #weedwise”, encouraging consumers to only purchase cannabis from licensed businesses and warning unlicensed businesses to become licensed.  In a similar effort to provide education to state consumers, the California Department of Public Health offers the “Let’s Talk Cannabis” campaign where individuals can find information about legal, safe and responsible use, and health information for youth, pregnant and breastfeeding women, parents and mentors, and health care providers. Information both public awareness campaigns may be found below.

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