Cannabis Noire was developed to provide education, opportunities, and resources to minorities and underrepresented groups within the cannabis community and industry. Our mission is to create a more inclusive and diverse cannabis industry. We work diligently to create images and depictions of minorities that more accurately reflect cannabis users, we consult with businesses both within and out of the cannabis space to “bridge the gap” between communities and consumers to businesses and legislators. Although we offer a variety of supportive business services we also host unique cannabis networking experiences and travel options. We have strong ties to the community and support and advocate for them through regular and special programming both locally and nationally, steadily reinforcing narratives around the immediate need for criminal justice reform.

It is our goal to continue to work with industry leaders and professionals to shape and cultivate a Cannabis industry that is diverse and reflective of all groups.

We offer support to:
Aspiring cannabis business leaders
Existing cannabis businesses
Community Organizations & Advocacy groups
Patient and Providers

Marketing, Business Development, Funding, Vendors & Product Sourcing,
Human Resource: Employee Patient Relations

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