CannaMLS is the largest online marketplace for buying and selling cannabis licenses, businesses and real estate in the world.  With over 1,800 unique listings representing more than $3.5 billion in total value, our innovative digital platform has quickly become the industry’s preferred resource for listing cannabis assets and attracting qualified buyers.

Founded in Seattle in 2012, CannaMLS started as a simple lead generation source for properly-zoned cannabis real estate.  As more and more agents listed their qualified locations, the site gained traction in the market and began attracting operational cannabis companies too.  Soon, agents and operators alike were using CannaMLS to post their buildings, businesses and newly awarded licenses from all over Washington state.

In 2016, CannaMLS updated its features to allow more dynamic functionality for both buyers and sellers which further accelerated the site’s popularity.  The platform continued to grow organically, with new listings coming in from California, Oregon, and other emerging markets across the country.  Today, CannaMLS receives nearly 40 new listings per week and has assets for sale in 19 states and counting.

Our team has spent years developing a technical infrastructure that allows users to sort, filter and compare dozens of listings at a time. CannaMLS now has thirteen dedicated team members across two West Coast offices and has developed a network of experienced Power Brokers and Verified Buyers to take listings from “selling” to “sold”.  We are proud to be the premier destination for buyers, sellers and brokers alike and look forward to helping you find your place in the cannabis industry.

For Sellers

CannaMLS is a full-service system that can be leveraged successfully by both novices and experts.  For those independent users that want to self-manage the CannaMLS process, simply “Add a Listing” and fill out the form completely.  Every listing has a 72-hour hold period before being posted to the public site – if any listing information is missing or unclear, a CannaMLS representative will call you for clarity before your post goes live.  As a CannaMLS Seller, your contact information will not be included in the public listing – if someone is interested in your asset, you will receive a notification email with the interested party’s direct contact information.  You decide which leads to pursue!

If you want help curating your post or marketing your asset, our team of experienced CannaMLS Power Brokers are available to work directly with you. Power Brokers are available in every major market and can help you set a valuation for your asset, build sell sheets and other marketing materials, organize your data room, and present your listing to our network of CannaMLS Verified Buyers.  Contact us today if you’re interested in speaking with a CannaMLS Power Broker about your listing!

For Buyers

At CannaMLS, it’s free to list and free to browse! Simply use the filters on our home page to select the type of asset you’re looking for and where you’d like to shop.  When you find a listing that piques your interest, just hit “contact us about this listing” to send a message to the author of the post.  We recommend you use the free text space to ask questions or provide feedback about the asset – sellers know how to spot a serious buyer, and you are much more likely to receive a quick response if you express genuine interest.  The lister will contact you directly at the phone number or email you provided, making it a complete DIY experience – happy hunting!

If you would like some hands-on assistance identifying assets that fit your specific parameters, our team is available to make your search more concentrated and efficient.  Working with CannaMLS directly will give you access to advanced features, pocket listings, and comps for similar assets that have listed and sold recently.  Our team is experienced in municipal zoning and ordinances, license verification, asset valuation, and negotiating term sheets to get you the best deal possible.  One major advantage to working with CannaMLS on all your buy-side needs is our ability to curate a national portfolio of high-value assets based on the exact specifications you provide, including size, revenue, asking price and more.  Contact us directly if you’re interested in leveraging our complete database and industry experience for your expansion strategy!

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