Canna Paid is a premier banking & financial services solution provider for cannabis that provides a full customer service solution for retailers and their customers – one that contributes a reliable and credible support center to address any banking related issues.

The Green Problem

Canna Paid continues to monitor and work with state regulations and with many of the 500 plus depositories in the US who do, in fact, bank cannabis.  As a result, Canna Paid has created many solutions to work with more traditional financial solutions.  While there is still much work to be done in this space, Canna Paid, and its banking partners are at the forefront of this developing industry and will continue to scale as it becomes more available and ultimately de-scheduled.

The Green Solution

Canna Paid utilizes a unique and proprietary compliance technology which enables consumers to make payments in an ordinary fashion.

This transaction process meets all necessary AML/BSA and FinCen as well as KYC (know your customer) and KYCC (know your customers’ customer) mandates.  This also eliminates any disputes to help to secure the transaction as well as the merchant from liability.


United States