CanopyBoulder: Its focus is on startups that involve “ancillary products and services” in the cannabis industry, although it works with a diverse array of businesses. Located in Boulder, Colo., the incubator is a strategic partner with the well-known cannabis investor network Arcview Group, and has incubated more than 100 companies, including Wurk, Front Range Biosciences, DeepGreen, and BDTNDR.

CanopyBoulder’s program guides its entrepreneurs through 16 weeks of mentorship designed to teach them the ropes and set them up for success. It invests $30,000 in each company and takes between 6 and 9.4 percent in equity. “This year,” says Daly, “we increased our offer from a $30K investment [via an additional $100,000 convertible note] as a way to attract top talent and keep up with the rising level of sophistication of entrepreneurs in the space.”

In their words:  “We aim to help build the cannabis industry sustainably, profitably and rapidly by investing in and educating cannabis entrepreneur

Our venture fund supports seed-stage ancillary cannabis start-ups, offering investors interested in getting into the industry diversified investment opportunities.

We offer CanopyBoulder a mentorship based accelerator program for start-up businesses in ancillary cannabis markets. Over 16 weeks, companies refine their business models, develop prototypes and begin fundraising.”

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Boulder, Colorado

United States