The Capna® Design Process offers customized solutions to clients looking for extraction facilities that are efficient, scalable, and fully integrated. This means that we work with each and every client to identify and serve their production needs – collaborate with us to design your ideal production facility! By creating an extraction process that can be scaled effortlessly, you will save time and money while avoiding any hassle that may disrupt your operation.


Before we pioneered our own ethanol extraction process, we were a producer just like you. We spent years experimenting with various commercial methodologies, suppliers, etc., and being let down by the result every time (not to mention almost killed a time or two). The lessons led us to create ideas and advances impossible for others to imagine, along with a mission to lead the way toward greater customer transparency and care.


Butane and CO2 have a lot of investment backing them, but they can’t keep pace with the industry’s rapid growth and sophistication. Butane is dangerous, requires extensive post-processing and can literally explode, while CO2 is slow, complex and hugely expensive to scale. The future demands extraction that’s not only safer but offers far higher quality and flexibility. That’s what our breakthrough technology delivers.


Ethanol is one of the oldest and most proven means of extracting essential oils. We’ve taken its natural advantages to a whole new level. Every model in the Capna range combines flawless stainless-steel build quality with a patented closed-loop system that delivers an efficiency rate of over 98% with no need for post-processing — making our true throughput higher than any other competitor, ethanol or otherwise.


Success in today’s crowded marketplace depends on originality and quality. Our systems produce a superior-grade extract for any product you can imagine—shatter, edibles, live resin, distillate or full reduction for vape pens and more—with a consistently high THC/minor cannabinoid yield. Because the extract is winterized, de-waxed and free of chlorophyll, you’ll also save valuable time and cost.

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