Powered by CBD Health and Wellness Magazine, CBD Expo WEST 2019 will have a CANNABINOID + NATURAL PRODUCTS focus is the original CBD event platform to broadcast your products with the community and share your CBD knowledge with the industry. We focus on targeting the relevant and right people to be in the right place creating a quality show floor that business can be conducted on. This event will feature more than 75 exhibitors, along with a substantial lineup of speaker presentations and panel discussions from experts in the research, technology, production, globalization, and sale of CBD and cannabidiol products. In our constant effort to provide fresh, relevant, and original content we make sure there are no repeat presentations from past Expos.

New natural products are being created every day. Organic chemists are in short supply. Clean cannabinoids are scarce. Regulatory requirements are expanding. Production costs are rising. Consumer expectations are changing and new technology is advancing at a mind-boggling pace to meet a growing demand.

Change and disruption to the cannabis industry are coming from all sides, creating a significant opportunity for those ready to seize it. Now more than ever, cannabinoid compounders and formulators need to tap into the expertise of researchers in this industry in order to implement solutions that are right for their operations.

This is the Original CBD Expo Tour’s 2019 finale, uniquely designed to bring together formulators across the natural products industry and unite them with the comprehensive knowledge and resources they need to adapt and thrive in this ever-growing cannabinoid realm.

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