The ICR was established in June 2016 through an innovative partnership between Colorado State University – Pueblo, the state of Colorado, and Pueblo County.

With initial funding support from Pueblo County and the state of Colorado, the ICR is the nation’s first multi-disciplinary cannabis research center at a regional, comprehensive institution.  The primary function of the Institute is the generation of knowledge that contributes to science, medicine, and society through investigation of the benefits and risks associated with cannabis.  Research findings are used to translate discoveries into innovative applications that improve lives.

The Institute aligns with the university’s mission as a provider of education, research, and service to the region. Research is conducted in collaboration with a variety of agencies, companies, and universities, including the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado Department of Agriculture, and the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation.

Key components of the Institute include a multi-disciplinary academic conference and journal, dedicated staff, and a steering committee comprised of academic deans and faculty.  In its first year, the ICR funded research projects in a variety of areas and successfully hosted an international, multi-disciplinary research conference.  Work was completed on a Pueblo County Cannabis Impact Study and a new minor in cannabis studies is now offered at CSU-Pueblo. Ongoing activities include:

  • Hosting annually an international, multi-disciplinary cannabis research conference
  • Publishing the peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary Journal of Cannabis Research
  • Continuing partnerships to expand on and offer research possibilities and further develop ICR programming
  • Developing a quality research and programming infrastructure that strives for local, state, national, and international impact
  • Enhancing laboratories, technology, and equipment to ensure continuation of research and logistical support
  • Ensuring the future success of the Institute through diverse and sustainable funding sources
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