Conscious Mindz Cannabis Company was seeded in the soil of Oakland California in 2018. Founded by Marshaun Marsh, CMZ’s goal is to have a positive impact on the local community and the environment while helping marginalized individuals.  With just an idea of educating, providing, uplifting, and empowering the community to reach for better health with more wealth. Initiating Entrepreneurship in the community with the goal of causing a ripple effect through the neighborhoods of Oakland hoping for the success of the oncoming plus present millennials.

We are community gear to produce and distribute top rated quality cannabis products for medicinal and recreational use. With that we are expanding our trajectory to offer all cannabis and hemp base products. We want our family meaning you to feel at home with use as we take care off all your needs in all areas.

Conscious Mindz Cannabis Company strives to confronts and accomplish issues we face as a people with the force of a strong family roots in California and all through the earth. As a family we will move forward in ensuring to make a change in this world.

Together we shall empower each other.


Oakland, California

United States