Products on Dab Nation are handpicked by #teamSHO, a group of people who love cannabis oil.  We provide education to people all over the world through our #solventless experience events, through our team of #solventless experts, and our knowledge base.

Our mission is to spread the benefits of #solventless extracts along with new and innovative ways to consume them. Join us and our citizens as we spread awareness for this amazing plant, its oils, and educate consumers the proper ways to #dabright.

#teamSHO (SHO standing for solventless hash oil) has built a global footprint within the cannabis industry.  Our products are sold in over 300 stores domestically and internationally.  We look to elevate complementary brands, working as a distribution partner for many companies in the industry.  We have built fulfillment centers on three continents, in seven different countries to effectively deliver products to our customers.

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Los Angeles, California

United States