Euphorium was founded with a rebellious spirit and a compassionate desire to create an unparalleled experience for cannabis patients and enthusiasts.

We offer our members a thoughtful selection of artisanal products from premium brands, and a direct line to a concierge for personalized recommendations whenever you desire an enhanced experience or moment.

After over 20 years of experience in Pharmaceutical Biotech sales, I’ve left it all behind and dedicated myself to providing patients with natural and holistic solutions for chronic symptoms.

The benefits of cannabis are undeniable, and I wanted to provide a sustainable solution to improve healthcare in my communities. As the industry has matured and prohibition came to an end, I saw a greater opportunity to serve more people like yourself. My goal is to share the benefits of using cannabis in a variety of ways to enhance your lifestyle and productivity.

To help deliver on this promise, I’ve built an exceptional team of experts and consummate professionals to ensure you receive personalized recommendations, and an unparalleled concierge service.

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(510) 698-1810

Oakland, California

United States