Floris Fund I, LP (the “Fund”) seeks to be the capital placement fund that bridges the gap between investors looking to enter the cannabis market and those actively involved in the marketplace with capital needs.  By combining the management and advisory team talents and experiences, we believe that our fund solution presents a prime opportunity to invest in the cannabis market with firms that are properly regulated and generate an optimal return on investment.

Floris Funds is a California-based private equity fund focusing on partnering with owner-operators who want to create best-in-class professionally managed companies doing business in the regulated cannabis industry.

Through mid-2017, 29 states have approved cannabis for medical use, and that number is expected to grow in the years ahead with coming elections.  Currently, over 59% of the U.S. population lives in a state that has legalized recreational or medicinal cannabis access, representing a large pool of potential cannabis patients and adult users. Voting citizens and states are sending a very clear message of acceptance for cannabis in all regions of the United States.

There’s been a long history of cannabis users dating back to the 1960s, and use continues to rise.  There have been advancements in cultivation, including new strains, and recent advances in manufacturing have transformed the marketplace.  Today’s modern dispensaries offer many non-traditional products including a variety of edibles such as: chocolate bars, breath mints, topical solutions and concentrates in vaporizing technologies.

The industry continues to have exponential growth and the opportunities to participate exist at many levels, in many forms and in various regions.  The total U.S. industry is currently approaching $7 billion USD in retail sales, and as large states such as California come online over the next year, the estimates are that the industry will experience a tripling in anticipated size by 2021.
Given the new and high-growth elements of this rapidly evolving industry, the Manager anticipates typical investments will be made ranging from $1 million to $5 million in each portfolio company, based on the valuations prior to investments being made. Investments in a single portfolio company shall not exceed 25% of the Fund’s total capital commitments and it is anticipated that the fund will make a total of 12-18 investments over its projected five-year investment life.  Given the diversity of the investments within the industry, it is anticipated that this will provide an attractive return on investment.
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