Grandiflora Genetics is an Oakland, CA based social equity licensee for Cultivation, Nursery and Distribution.

Grandiflora Genetics, founded by Oakland equity applicant Mark McCafferty, has taken the cannabis community by storm since its inception in 2008. McCafferty, known for breeding unique and distinctly different strains, developed a strategic approach to dropping product on the market through Instagram.

The name Grandiflora comes from the Latin name of plants and Grandiflora Magnolia being one of McCafferty’s favorite flower trees – a sentiment that’s serendipitously echoed today with the Grandiflora facility being located on Magnolia St. in Oakland. Today, Grandiflora is known for breeding some of the hottest genetics in the world and delivering some of the most exotic, high-end cannabis the market has to offer.

Grandiflora’s unique go-to-market approach sparked a conversation with Berner, founder and CEO of Cookies. “I got a message from Berner on Instagram complimenting my product and in 2018 he came by my facility to check out the operations,” says McCafferty. “It has to be one of the most exciting days in my life by far. We met up and shortly after we started the talks of a partnership. It took a few days for me to realize it was really happening. I have always listened to Berner’s music, so I was beyond thrilled to move forward. Grandiflora is an Oakland brand that started all from the Bay Area around culture around cannabis. This partnership with Cookies is going to be epic as both companies have common goals of providing top shelf, quality cannabis that still has the culture behind it.”

Grandiflora will launch flower, pre-rolls, extracts, sungrown, indoor, and edibles through this partnership, delivering exceptional cannabis that provides the ultimate sensory experience. McCafferty, known for his artistic horticulture practice, aims to develop rare and exclusive flavors that echo his established and innovative strains like Oakland Purp, High Tech and Melonatta. Together, Cookies and Grandiflora will create the most exotic and high-end cannabis the market has to offer.

248 3rd St

Oakland, California 94607

United States