Growseph Green is the man New Zealand is turning to for Cannabis advice and legalization. A canna-preneur who is currently one of NZ’s highest respected cannabis grower and breeder on the world stage.

A man with a clear eye on the future, and the crystal ball into NZ future cannabis industry.  With connections to the international and national cannabis and hemp industries key names and companies one could only dream of, Growseph has an insight in to this world like no other.  Growseph has made Hemp and cannabis his life’s passion. From its politics, law and activism, to its many sciences.  He is a wealth of knowledge. Devoting his time to education. Particularly around breeding, cultivation, cannabinoid studies, medicine, the needs around regulation, moderation and production.  With an eye on the future and the understanding of NZ’s economic and medical need For the hemp and cannabis industries Growseph has the vision and drive to take the NZ cannabis and hemp industry to its highest potential

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