Hinsdale LLC is an endowment-style investment partnership.  Originally founded in 1992 to invest Pinto family capital, the partnership is managed today by John J. Pinto and Pinto family capital makes up over 85% of assets under management.

Hinsdale’s portfolio is diversified across asset classes, geographies, and strategies, and includes credit, marketable securities, long/short hedge funds, long-only hedge funds, real estate, private equity, and other opportunistic investments.  The portfolio is also geographically diverse, a significant portion invested in emerging and frontier markets.

We invest capital with a long-term focus, seeking tax-efficient returns to serve multiple generations of families.  We believe in a diversified asset allocation strategy, with appropriately concentrated investments and a small number of top investment managers.  We stay clear of mega-pools of capital, and seek to invest in assets, geographies, sectors, and investments strategies that are less well-traveled and are below the scale of large investment managers.  Finally, we believe that a thematic or structural tailwind is key to long-term investing, and fervently seek these tailwinds in the areas that we invest.

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324 Blackwell Street, Suite 1202

Durham, North Carolina 27701

United States