We are not financial engineers but company builders.  We align with our founders on the journey and have a proven track-record of supporting our companies by leveraging our relationships to build teams, attract customers, raise investment and deliver exits.  We are active partners that get our hands dirty to help our companies succeed.

The most important element for us is people.  We look for world-class teams and founders that are the best at what they do and know what they don’t know.

We look for unfair advantages, whether that be proprietary technology, protected IP, unique proposition, contrarian thinking, initial partnerships and a stellar team.

We take a concentrated portfolio approach to drive discipline in our selection and to enable us to work alongside founders in a meaningful way.  Our approach is honest, challenging but respectful.  We’re aligned in helping you build a business over the long term and do not believe in financial engineering, taking fees or telling you what you want to hear.

We partner with Surf n’ Code, a product studio, to have world-class product, AI and engineers on hand.

Aviation House 125 Kingsway

London, WC2B 6NH

United Kingdom