A Plant Inspired Future is a happier and healthier future.

PIF creates high quality, organic plant-based products to promote happy and healthy lifestyles. PIF blends Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Hemp with other plants to create gourmet products the whole family can enjoy. We’re currently providing CBD Herbal Tea with ingredients like Ginger, Ginko and Honeybush.

PIF was founded in Harlem, NY by people of color. Our product is rooted in our historical and medicinal connection to plants, and our goal is to eliminate the stigma associated with it.

PIF has a STELLAR line-up.

The Team

Julio Casado (CEO) is an entrepreneur, sales and marketing executive, experienced in designing and leading marketing teams and initiatives at startups and not-for-profits. His work includes educating and training individuals as young as High School on key marketing strategies and tactics to encourage entrepreneurship and improve employment outcomes in New York City. Julio serves as the Chairman of La Unidad Latina Foundation where he leads the Board and is responsible for awarding over $100,000 in scholarships to Latino students nationwide since 2014. Finally, Julio serves as an Adjunct Professor of Economics at Marist College.
Marvis Burns (COO) is an entrepreneur and investor in the real estate sector. Much of his work is centered in Detroit, Michigan, his hometown. His dedication to Detroit is evident in his unwavering commitment to the redevelopment, rebuilding and managing homes for Detroit residents. He’s an author of an Amazon Best-selling book in three categories focused on helping high-school students achieve and financially sustain their university dreams.
Landon Dais (CSO) specializes in Policy, Employment, and Construction Litigation and is admitted in the 1st Department of New York. In 2015, Dais was named Pro-Bono Attorney of the year by Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center for his work handling drug convictions and arrests. Prior to joining PIF, Landon was the National Director of Partnerships for one of the largest MJ companies in the US. He also previously served as the Political Director for the MJ Policy Project of New York (“MPP of NY”). Recently, Dais was given the prestigious NAACP Roy Wilkins Award in recognition of his work in policy, law and advocacy.


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Kingston, California 12401

United States