The cannabis industry is growing rapidly due to a loosening of regulation across the globe.  While the growth potential is high, capital to fund this growth remains scarce. Quinsam Capital Corporation is focused on providing flexible financing solutions to the cannabis industry.  As one of the first institutional investors to enter the space, our platform combines financial, regulatory, strategic and hands-on cannabis experience so that we can maximize the returns to our investors from our portfolio of cannabis investments.

Quinsam Capital is a CSE-listed investment company that is exclusively focused on the cannabis business.

  • We invest in Canada and around the globe.
  • We focus on private company and early stage public company investments that are unavailable to many investors.
  • We hope to generate strong results for our shareholders through the pursuit of high investment returns inside a well-controlled cost structure.
  • We offer our investee companies financial, management and strategic resources to allow them to grow their businesses and achieve success.
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