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We’re not lawyers, but we’ll help you pay for one.

Can you get a DUI for weed? The answer is, yes! reepher is a new type of personal liability protection that provides its members  with money to defend themselves if facing cannabis DUI charges.

Facing cannabis DUI charges is no joke. You risk jail time, an impounded car, a suspended license, numerous fines and more. An expert cannabis criminal defense lawyer could help you with this process, but they are expensive – often requiring thousands of dollars as a retainer before starting your defense.

If you’re a regular cannabis consumer, there’s a good chance the results would show THC in your system, regardless of the type of cannabis drug test. The presence of that THC could lead to you facing cannabis DUI charges – even if you’re sober or have a medical card.

Financial & Legal Protection for Cannabis Users

How It Works

Reepher expands upon the traditional insurance model. If you are charged with a weed DUI we’ll help pay for your defense:

  • Become a reepher member and protect yourself in advance
  • File a claim if you are arrested or charged with a cannabis DUI
  • Submit documentation to reepher supporting your claim
  • Receive your first payment when your claim is approved
  • You receive additional payments as your case progresses

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