Our Professionals are considered masters of their area of expertise, innovators in their craft and thought leaders in creativity.

We offer fresh new insights and perspectives for design and engineering to all areas of residential, commercial building and development.

Just having years of knowledge and experience does not make a company a leader.

Transforming the industry with new ideas and applying creative solutions for difficult problems will eclipse the ordinary to extraordinary.  This is why being extraordinary permeates every division at RMG – Rocky Mountain Group.

We employ professionals who have highly creative and solid skill sets to bring forth unique ideas and new insights to help solve your problems.  These attributes should be very important to you.

We realize that you as a builder or a developer want both value and the right solution.  To understand why RMG provides a superior service over our contemporaries, give us a call and check us out.  We have all our services provided by over 80 employees in 6 offices along the Front Range.

RMG provides leadership and innovation from a “one stop shop” for managing everything from planning your entire project from the ground up to completion.

We take the time to listen…and then provide you with a set of amazing and unique ways you can design your project from rough sketches to full-scale 3-D color renderings.

Many of our clients ask us to help them with planning out an entire development and need advice as to the best layout based on the land topography.  There may also be some unique rock formation you want to incorporate in the overall design.

Building in Colorado’s ever changing ground structure, from angled subsurface rock to recommending and designing the perfect foundation for the expansive soils, can be tough.  RMG is among the best in the science of expansive soils.

We approach every project with a fresh perspective.  No two jobs are ever alike and you deserve to have options provided to you when selecting the appropriate designs for your project.  We are open, flexible and professional.

Our ability to generate innovative ideas for your project is not merely a function of the mind, but also a function of THREE key success behaviors that optimizes our abilities to bring forth the perfect solution for you.

  • Open-mindedness- is the key to our secret.  We are all highly skilled professionals and can advise you on the correct way to go, however we have a fundamental core belief that having an open mind to new and creative ideas are what makes the difference between a great project and an exceptional project.
  • Effective Communication- we believe in communicating with our clients in group sessions, one on one and on a regular predefined basis through phone, e-mail or Skype to insure nothing goes unattended or is misinterpreted.
  • Creativity- we realize that knowledge alone does not bring about creativity.  By using brainstorming and mastermind sessions, we can unleash our creative juices to flow within every project.  Since no two projects are ever alike, each one of them will possess their own set of high potent and creative solutions.


These are the whispers we hear in many circles. The question is often heard this way.

“Why do we have to have to spend the money for an engineering report on every home we build?  All 400 of the homes are all the same and built the same way in the same area, so why couldn’t they provide one report for all homes?”

So the “perception” of that what we provide is considered “simple” yet that very perception erodes the real value that we bring to the project.

As a result we know that many builders and developers buy simply on price.  Not a great value when you know the potential consequences that could occur… if your project is not provided with the accurate reports and the specific designs for your particular situation.

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