Roll Up (Denver) prides themselves on making sure that each and every customer understands the products that they purchased. Founded by Sherard Rogers, Roll Up offers pain control treatments ranging from lotions to flowers, and has their own extraction lab for wax and hash.

At Roll Up Dispensary, we strive to be more than just a dispensary because we take the time to assure that each customer learns the benefits of the products they purchase. we carry full lines of medicinally-infused topical lotions, creams, and transdermal patches in CBD, CBN, THC form with the highest quality and largest selections of edibles, concentrates, flowers and other pain control alternatives. We also have our own extraction lab where we manufacture all of our top-quality Shatter, Wax and Co2 hash. We have everything you need to give you relief and enable you to relax after a long day. Let our well educated staff recommend the best options for your needs. You can find us off of Interstates 70 and 25 just outside downtown Denver.

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(720) 572-4902

4500 Washington Street

Denver, Colorado 80216

United States