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Founded by Kebra Smith-Bolden, CannaHealth has gained the attention of numerous publications and other media. Kebra now spends…

WaKanna For Life

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WaKanna offers both organically grown full-spectrum as well as broad spectrum CBD rich oil.  To ensure we have the most potent & pure CBD oil available, we work with both Global and USA farms.  Our oils are extracted from a farm in Northern Europe in addition to farms in both Kentucky and Colorado.  We have seven proprietary blends that you will not find anywhere else on the market.  We also offer a POWERFUL CBD Oil and Water-soluble formula.  Our oil extracted in Europe is made with a special nano technology that helps to provide up to 98.7% bioavailability. CBD is a powerful compound, but it is the entourage effect of the other phytocannabinoids along with the terpenes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that combine to create the best available.  Our Hemp extracts are organically grown, certified, vegan, non GMO and 3rd party tested.  We believe in complete transparency and offer a certificate of analysis on every batch.

Holmes Organics

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Cory Holmes (Founder) suffered from stress and anxiety due to various incidents that has happened in his life.  Cory grew up in poor neighborhoods where there were all sorts of danger. He constantly heard gunshots outside of his window in which he would grab his little brother and duck for cover.

Kush Queen

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In less than three years, Olivia grew the Kush Queen brand into a multi-million dollar, multifaceted brand carrying only the finest in both CBD-only, and THC-infused products including bath bombs, pain relief lotions, edibles and more. 

American Cannabanoid Clinics


A family of black physicians founded the American Cannabanoid Clinics that now operate in 19 states.  They specialize in endocannabinology — a natural-based approach to disease management and reversal — and offer consultations, medical marijuana cards and alternatives to traditional medicine.


Cyntivee is an education platform that seeks to reintroduce CBD and Cannabis as part of your fitness and wellness routine.

Canna Closet


Canna Closet is the Pick and Shovel company of the Green Rush! We are the MaryKay of MaryJay! We are a direct sales company that is opening up the conversation about Cannabis in the living room! We are breaking the stigma surrounding this plant, while sharing great products for consuming and concealing Cannabis. Unlike other companies that are flooding the market, we are a whole plant company, not just a cbd company like every other one out there. Though, we DO NOT sell marijuana, currently, we are talking about it.

Infused Health


Dr. Michele Ross is a neuroscientist with a passion for helping people with chronic illness live their best life ever through cannabis, kratom, and mushrooms. She is the author of Vitamin Weed and starred on Big Brother.