Cresco Labs

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As one of the largest multi-state, vertically integrated cannabis companies, Cresco Labs controls their cultivation, manufacturing, extraction and packaging practices. Cresco Labs is involved at every point in the seed-to-sales process. Their facilities are powered by world-class agronomists, manufacturing experts and state-of-the-art agricultural equipment, all of which drive their commitment to quality, purity and consistency. Cresco Labs package, ship and distribute products nationwide, including locations owned and operated by their team.



Mood33 is proudly powered by Evo Hemp.  We’re on a mission to help Native American farmers and their families in Colorado and South Dakota build a better economy by growing hemp as a new supply chain.  As the first beverage to offer consumers a U.S.-based supply chain with a give-back tied to the farmers, mood33 is dedicated to revitalizing hemp as an important new agricultural system.

Sweet Grass

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Sweet Grass Kitchen is a small-batch bakery that produces freshly baked, cannabis-infused edibles throughout Colorado.

Infused Eats


Infused Eats makes it easy for you to make cannabis infused foods, desserts and drinks by providing detailed instructions and video tutorials.  So dive into the recipes and start enjoying your own cannabis infused food at home today! (21+ Years Only)

CannAmerica Brands Corp

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The recipe for America’s brand: Mix one measure independence, one-part US pride and top with veteran ownership. The result: The best products the industry has to offer.  The mission of CannAmerica is to forge over a decade of experience in the cannabis industry with our passion for crafting the highest quality products on the market. CannAmerica has dedicated years of thoughtful process to perfect flavorful, socially responsible and affordable products that we proudly offer to our fellow Americans.