Gateway Incubator

Gateway Incubator is a full immersion business accelerator and seed investment program born out of Silicon Valley and located in the capital of cannabis advocacy and innovation.

Hood Incubator

The Hood Incubator is a community-centered nonprofit organization committed to building economic and political power for Black and Brown communities.

Growing Talent


Growing Talent’s equity incubator is a turnkey solution to starting a Good Tree dispensary driven by a state of the art operating system.


CanopyBoulder: Its focus is on startups that involve “ancillary products and services” in the cannabis industry, although it works with a diverse array of businesses. Located in Boulder, Colo., the incubator is a strategic partner with the well-known cannabis investor network Arcview Group, and has incubated more than 100 companies, including Wurk, Front Range Biosciences, DeepGreen, and BDTNDR.