Cannabis Capital LLC, in conjunction with our investor network uses strategic investments in the cannabis industry to acquire and develop mainstream brands.  Through the power of private enterprise and our private investor hub, we capitalize on early stage companies with long term vision and strong management experience.

Founded in 2013 in Nevada by two entrepreneurs with decades of experience in private equity, we represent a group of investors seeking to end cannabis prohibition and the social stigma attached to it. Through a combination of acquisitions, investments and research, we are focused on building a portfolio of global brands that will lead, legitimize and define the future of cannabis.

Cannabis Capital LLC is unique and by all means a new breed of investment consultants.  The depth of hands-on management is second to none particularly with regards to investment experience in the cannabis sector of the market.  The team includes some of the top tier financial consultants, private equity managing partners and advisers,  global marketing professionals and over 30 years of cannabis industry insider experience.  Our passion for this industry is second only to our passion to create meaningful, long term returns for our investor base. “The time to invest in cannabis is before the general public and that time is now!”

In an industry stigmatized by negative perceptions and substandard business practices, our goal is to invest in the undeniable future of cannabis.  When prohibition ends, we intend to hold the most powerful companies and coveted positions in the financial market and to generate enormous returns for our clients!   We intend to make a whirlwind of impact both financial and social.

We are a new breed…! Passionate about change and passionate about building unprecedented wealth in the new american industry… The Green Rush!


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