This program is the FIRST of it’s kind focusing on Process, Extraction and Refining of CBD Oil starting from the raw material, hemp. This is embedded in a Market and Regulatory Status update of CBD Oil and related products worldwide, and extended with specific application and formulation technology.

The Practical Short Course is presented as a crash course for product development, application and formulation, integrated with market and regulatory status. It offers a great opportunity for those who are experienced to meet experts in the field and discuss their current problems to enhance their plant operations. The course material will serve as a useful reference for processors, product formulators, chemists and technicians as well as business managers familiar with market understanding, functionality communication and marketing of CBD Oil and its products in food and dietary supplements.

Target Group
Business development Managers, Formulators, Product developers, R&D scientists, Brand managers, Regulatory affairs, and Executive Management from Multinational manufacturer of Consumer & Packaged Goods, Supplements, Functional Food & Drinks, and global business development of Ingredients, nutricosmetics, marketing, and Nutrition Science & Technology.

Las Vegas, Nevada

United States