The Cannabis Trade Federation (CTF) is a national coalition of cannabis-related businesses that represent all aspects of the industry including cultivators, dispensaries, wholesalers, distributors, and ancillary businesses.  CTF is focused on creating a professional, credible, and unified organization for the industry.   Along with its member businesses, CTF will also build a dynamic network of associations and nonprofits that share a vision of creating sensible cannabis policy, promoting social responsibility, and leading the future ongoing professionalization of a highly regulated and increasingly organized cannabis industry.

Today’s legal cannabis industry employs more than 200,000 workers, many of them in high-tech agricultural jobs, as well as manufacturing, distribution and retail.  Roughly two-thirds of Americans now live in states where some form of cannabis is legal, and polling consistently shows over 70% of Americans support letting the states make their own cannabis policy… and the federal government not interfering when they do.

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