At Cannabis Capital Growth, our mission is to advance the social and business connectivity of the fastest growing industry-cannabis.  We believe empowering everyday investors with the right approach to investing in cannabis is essential to achieving more in returns and long term success.

Cannabis Capital Growth was founded by Jaime McMillan in 2018, opening his portfolio of public cannabis companies to individual investors.  At our core, we align ourselves with businesses built by experienced CEO’s and overseen by board members of the highest integrity focused on increasing shareholder value and  corporate governance.

As a client, you directly own shares of companies in your account built upon a diversified strategy covering a range of U.S. and Global companies in varied stages of growth, brand development, sales and distribution across the spectrum.  We invest client capital with conviction based on a fundamental analysis and deep dives into each business we buy understanding how they profit and plan to execute their business model well into the future.

McMillan Capital Management, a Registered Investment Advisor Firm (RIA) in Durango Colorado and the legal entity Investment Advisor.  As fiduciaries we have a duty to always put our client’s interest first.

Cannabis Capital Growth is open to new investors.


528 Main Ave Suite C1

Durango, Colorado 81301

United States