Green Hop is a recreational cannabis dispensary featuring a new, exciting twist on the retail experience.  The 1st Historical Hip Hop dispensary in the world that offers an Art and Digital technology experience.

Green Hop is a link between musicians, art, and cannabis! Hip hop and cannabis have been intertwined since the genre rose up from its roots in the streets of the 1970s.  DJ Kool Herc laid the foundation, Grandmaster Flash created the technique, and Afrika Bambaataa organized to help birth a culture called Hip Hop.


Green Hop Is The First Historical Hip Hop dispensary in the world, paying homage to the emcees and the culture who laid the foundation of normalizing cannabis in music and life. Our mission is to activate and promote the consciousness of cannabis.


The Green Hop Academy is a cannabis workforce incubator to racially diversify the cannabis industry with an accelerated training and apprenticeship program that connects historically underserved populations with knowledge of the cannabis industry from seed to sale.

They also run Green Hop Academy

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Portland, Oregon

United States