Grow Tech began with a notion to bring cannabis’ legacy back to British Columbia.  We recognized an issue in the industry and began to decipher what the upcoming pain-points would be and who would address them.  The next truly important question, and what I think really sets Grow Tech apart from others, is how we were going to face these pain points.

Over the years we’ve encountered barriers, and we’re determined to make our mark by eliminating those with both our cohorts’ innovations and from us as leaders in the industry.  It’s important for us to create space for new ideas and innovation for everyone alike— women, the indigenous community, parents, low income families.  By encouraging diversity, I truly think we’ll yield outstanding results.

Piece by piece we’ve begun building an incredible concept, team and strategic partnerships.  I am so pleased with how far we’ve come and even more excited for what the future holds.

— Barinder Rasode, Co-founder and CEO

To reaffirm British Columbia’s status as a global cannabis capital by attracting a new and diverse generation of sector leaders from across Canada and around the world through the delivery of world class programs that are rooted in innovation, entrepreneurship and mentorship.

Inclusion; Community • Entrepreneurship; Innovation • Integrity; Respect; Mentorship • Health; Wellness

910-1111 W. Hastings Street

Vancouver, V6E 2J3