Back in 2014, when Herb was just founder Matt Gray working out of a garage in San Francisco, it was hard to find a cannabis recipe for anything other than a weed brownie.  So we created a place for people all over the world to share the cannabis-infused recipes that had changed their lives.  However, we quickly realized that people were looking for more than just recipes.  They were looking for a voice of cannabis culture.

So we created Herb, a community of cannabis enthusiasts, by cannabis enthusiasts.  We believe that cannabis has the power to change millions of lives.  We believe, that for too long, the stories of the culture, and the potential of this amazing plant have lived underground.

Today, Herb is an immersive platform for authentic and tasteful cannabis content.

Herb is here to do one thing: spread good vibes.
Our vibrant and growing community of 16 million herbivores are a living example that the stigma is disappearing faster than the smoke from the tips of our joints.  Each month we reach 265 million video viewers and inspire 85 million engagements.

For us, cannabis culture isn’t just a hobby, it’s baked into who we are.  Ask anyone of us and we’ll tell you; cannabis is more than just a plant.  Consuming cannabis is an opportunity to laugh, learn, heal and connect.

The opportunity to shape how the world embraces cannabis is here.

Our team of creators, designers, artists and entrepreneurs are proving every day that cannabis enthusiasts are achievers.  Over the next decade, the way people perceive, access and enjoy cannabis will fundamentally change.  We envision a future where cannabis is as normal as coffee.  Herb is where this future begins.


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