Founded in 2010 in Seattle by three visionary entrepreneurs with decades of experience in investment banking and venture capital, we represent a group of investors from around the world seeking to end cannabis prohibition and the social harms it causes. Through a combination of acquisitions, investments and incubation, we are focused on building a portfolio of global brands that will lead, legitimize and define the future of cannabis.

We have three fundamental beliefs:

1.     Cannabis is a mainstream product consumed by mainstream people;
2.     The end of cannabis prohibition is inevitable; and
3.     Brands will determine the future of the cannabis industry.

Privateer Holdings portfolio companies include Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information resource, Tilray Inc., a federally licensed, GMP-certified medical cannabis producer located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and Marley Natural, a partnership with the Bob Marley estate launching a line of cannabis strains, body care products, smoking accessories, and other lifestyle goods.  Other investments include Docklight, and Left Coast Ventures.  Submit business plans here:

Seattle, Washington

United States