Recognizing the opportunity for the new cannabis economy to create prosperity for the people we serve, we formed the San Francisco Equity Group (SFEG) to maximize the opportunity for the broadest group of Equity Applicants across the city.

Our strategy focuses on developing a portfolio of assets for Equity Applicants in San Francisco, under the flag of a community centered brand, that is owned by a distributed group of Equity Applicants and scales to cities across the country.

In the spirit of San Francisco’s history as a global leader in civil rights activism, SFEG’s goal is to design a social equity blueprint for communities across the country to secure ownership in an industry poised to create billions of dollars of wealth over the next 30 years.


A Level Playing Field
The War on Drugs has targeted and devastated communities of color. SFEG supports Equity Programs to right those wrongs through economic empowerment in the cannabis economy.

Social Enterprise
Lasting change comes from ownership. Social enterprises reinvest their profits into their communities, empowering people to improve their own lives on their terms.

We recognize that we must face challenges together and work in unity to create meaningful change.

24+ Verified Equity Applicants are the core of SFEG and represent 9 different SF Neighborhoods.

Cindy De La Vega, Joseph Kaulave, John Nauer, Jr., Rudy Corpus, Jr., Shawn M Richards, Gaynor Siataga, Kim D’Andre Mitchell, Jr., Mitchell Salazar, Mitchell N. Salazar, Rafael Losno, Charles L. Tatum II, Isidro Idencio, Kim Mitchell, Ramses Barrios, Salva Villalobos, Mario Tu‘ua, Shelly Tatum, Kemari Mitchell, Justin Pasene, Omar Flenoid, Kiki Delmar Solomona, Mariah Sapp, Lyana Parker, and Maurice Tatum


United States