Terps USA


Terps USA is made with the highest quality USA ingredients, formulated to demanding taste test and mixed with care.  Taste the difference in Terps USA products and you’ll be back for more!

PureHemp Technology

PureHemp Technology LLC (PureHemp) was established to economically convert industrial hemp into products in hemp refineries.  PureHemp is currently processing stalks, flowers, buds, and seeds into a growing number of hemp products.  With the successes of gently converting hemp flowers into full spectrum cannabinoid-rich oils, PureHemp has created Pure Kind Botanicals™ to provide CBD-rich wellness products.


Cannabis Processing
Our manufacturing facility encompasses 18,672 square feet and operates in accordance with Organnx’s ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality Management System.

Instadose Pharma

Global leader in cannabis production & commercial distribution of Cannabinoid Oil

Groff North America

At Groff North America, farming is at our core and is a top priority in our supply chain. Our business starts with our farmers.  For many generations the Agricultural Industry has been a staple in the North American Economy.  At Groff North America we believe the resurgence of Industrial Hemp in North America is an opportunity to boost our communities through agriculture, manufacturing and medicine.

Northeast Hemp Commodities


Qualis Cannabis Corporation


At Qualis, we’re focused on the science of growing.

We’re using innovation in both science and technology to further the development of the cannabis industry.  But we’re not doing it alone – we’re reaching out to like-minded partners to work with us as we strive to elevate cannabis genetics in the world market.

Mountain Valley MD


Our Vision is to be the world’s leading producer, manufacturer and global distributor of premium quality medicinal cannabis.