Built on Four Pillars


When feminism is not intersectional it becomes another method of oppression under the guise of activism.  Black Girl Green empowers Black women to gain employment experience, own businesses and participate in all facets of the cannabis industry in a way they never have before.


The hashtag #blackgreenmatters borrows from #blacklivesmatter, an international activist movement that campaigns against the unjust violence toward Black people in America.  We encourage our customers to use this hashtag to acknowledge the unjust incarceration and murder of Black people in the United States due to cannabis related offenses.


Black Girl Green knows that holistic and homeopathic methods are the safest ways of curing illness and disease. The Cannabis plant’s countless health benefits have a history that dates back thousands of years across countless cultures.  Black Girl Green promotes spiritual, mental, physical, nutritional and sexual health for everybody.


Black Girl Green creates jobs, events and programming that stimulate the local economy, create access to cannabis for customers and educates the community on best practices for cannabis use in every context.

Oakland, California

United States