Cory Holmes (Founder) suffered from stress and anxiety due to various incidents that has happened in his life.  Cory grew up in poor neighborhoods where there were all sorts of danger. He constantly heard gunshots outside of his window in which he would grab his little brother and duck for cover.

Cory also experienced a couple of concussions while paying college football. He just recently (2017) experienced being randomly shot at while driving which didn’t affect him until about a year after the incident.  When Cory found himself reliving those moments in his head, he made the choice to research natural remedies for coping with stress and anxiety.  During his search he learned about the benefits of CBD and tried a couple of brands.  Unfortunately, he also learned an unpleasant truth about the CBD industry: its products rarely work.  He soon realized that the CBD industry is highly unregulated and full of poorly produced products.

After trying several CBD brands on the market and only finding relief from one, Cory realized that there was a need.  Cory decided to do something about it. And Holmes Organics was born.

His mission? To help people cope with stress, chronic pain and more by creating the most bioavailable broad spectrum cannabinoid products on the market, all at a price people can afford. This mission remains Cory’s promise to you.

Now you can learn how to become an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry.  Black-owned CBD wellness brand Holmes Organics has announced that it has enrolled its first 100 students in the CBD Startup Academy, an online program for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Established by Holmes Organics founder and African American entrepreneur Cory Holmes, CBD Startup Academy was designed to teach other potential minority business owners how to earn a living in the multibillion-dollar CBD industry.

“The CBD industry will be worth billions in just a few short years,” says Holmes. “As of now, there is no clear market leader. I created the course to give hope to aspiring entrepreneurs who are eager to compete in this growing industry. This program is their opportunity to gain market share and build a huge brand.”

“For many years, minorities have been penalized for the selling, use, and purchasing of cannabis,” Holmes states. “Through this course, people of color can capitalize off an industry that has criminalized the use of this form of wellness.”

This proprietary program includes lessons and strategies he learned to launch his successful business including:

  • Cannabis Business Entity Setup
  • Choosing Reputable Distributors
  • 3 Low-Cost Business Models (Private Label, Wholesale, Affiliate Marketing)
  • Marketing Your CBD Business
  • Building Your CBD E-Commerce Website
  • Banking/Credit Card Processing
  • Drop Shipping Solutions

“I created the course to give hope to aspiring entrepreneurs to believe that they can compete in a billion-dollar industry, says Holmes on his CBD Startup Academy website.  The CBD industry will be a $25 billion industry in a few short years and there’s currently no clear market leader. So this is an opportunity to gain market share and build a huge brand.

Founded in January 2019, Holmes Organics offers organic and high-quality CBD products, including gummies, softgel supplements, dog treats, and bath bombs. Committed to wellness, Holmes Organic products were designed to offer relief to common issues like stress and anxiety, and to medical conditions including epilepsy.

St Louis, Missouri

United States