At First Capital Ventures, we structure unique opportunities by marrying intellect with capital—yours and ours—and investing in emerging technologies that disrupt an industry or marketplace.

We don’t seek capital to find investments—we find investments that attract capital. We value your intellect and provide an opportunity for you to contribute your wisdom and expertise while choosing to invest.

We call this “Venture Choice” not Venture Capital and it gives us –and you –an Investment Edge that leads to outsized risk-adjusted returns.

We believe it should be venture choice, not just venture capital. We are not a fund driven investment vehicle.

We provide an investment opportunity that gives you a say in what opportunities you choose to invest in and uniquely, an opportunity to contribute your wisdom and experience after you invest.

We value your participation both economically and intellectually.

It’s this unique opportunity to combine your attributes with ours – intellectual, economic, integrity in actions, and social consciousness – that differentiates First Capital Ventures from any other investment vehicle.

We invest in innovative technologies that disrupt an industry or emerging technology companies in new industries that disrupt the marketplace.  We focus on entry strategy and exit strategy at the same time with a targeted 24-36 month investment horizon.

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United States