Entourage Effect Capital, LLC (formerly Cresco Capital Partners, LLC) is a United States private equity investment firm, dedicated to investing in the cannabis industry.

EEC’s mission is actively leverage our sector and investment experience, networks, and investment process, to identify, invest and accelerate high quality emerging growth companies.

EEC stands apart by taking an active role in adding value to the management teams of its companies.  Some have called it a “Keiretsu”, as we are in Cannabis, we call it “the Entourage Effect.”  The Entourage Effect is a term used to describe a novel method of endocannabinoid regulation.  It means that the compounds within the cannabis plant work in concert to create a sum greater than any of its individual parts.

This is the same strength we bring to investing. From early stage acceleration, to acquisition sourcing, to strategy, to creating exit opportunities, we believe in being the most valuable names on our founders cap tables.

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