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Leafwire exists to help usher in the new cannabis economy by educating and connecting the entrepreneurs and investors that will build this industry.

Why do we do this?

Leafwire exists to usher in the new cannabis economy.

We recognize that the end of prohibition on cannabis creates one of the greatest business opportunities of our time. Not only from a financial perspective, but for the ability to create an industry from the ground up that is focused on creating a sustainable, green market that is about the consumer and helping people first.  Their is irrefutable evidence that cannabis can help people in many ways, it is important that this economy grows to ensure that happens.

How do we do this?

We connect cannabis oriented businesses to people who want to be part of the new economy.

That is, we help cannabis businesses find investors, employees and support to grow and manage their day to day operations.  We are business experts with a long track record of success in various markets.  We now apply our craft to help cannabis businesses succeed in the post-prohibition economy.  We operate with integrity, honesty and transparency.  We are guides to both the cannabis entrepreneur and the outsider looking to get into the economy.  By helping both groups build success, we will build a successful business ourselves.

What do we do?

The Leafwire platform is a network of people and companies who participate in the new cannabis economy.

We started this business by connecting cannabis entrepreneurs to investors interested in the cannabis economy.  We helped fund the early stages of the cannabis industry via this platform.  We soon realized that cannabis companies not only needed funds, they needed to recruit highly talented individuals willing to work in this industry and services that supported the growth of their businesses.  While networks like this already existed, we felt it was critical to reduce the noise associated with generalized platforms and narrowed down the network to those with expertise in the New Cannabis economy.  Allowing these new companies to cut through the noise of large social networks and get to the business of growing this new economy.

Denver, Colorado

United States