Growing Talent’s equity incubator is a turnkey solution to starting a Good Tree dispensary driven by a state of the art operating system. Our intensive training and software guide minority business owners through the entire process from concept to opening their doors similar to franchising opportunities by America’s most successful companies including Chick-fil-A, Edward Jones, and McDonald’s.

The cannabis industry is booming but many businesses are struggling due to poor infrastructure. Moreover, dispensaries owned by people of color are failing to launch in areas where cannabis markets are legal and lucrative due to a lack of resources such as capital, real estate, and technology. Less than 1 in 5 of dispensary owners are people of color.

Equity partners become proficient in our operating system deemed “Systems as a Service” which is highly competitive with other cannabis SaaS platforms in that we provide a single solution for various business operations and compliance workflows while others only focus on one or the other.



United States